What is a subdomain and how do I create one?

A subdomain name, also called a subdomain is a longer variant of a domain name. You can think of it as a part of an existing domain name. An example of a subdomain name is in our case for example "support.dangerhost.com". So this is a subdomain of the domain dangerhost.com

In general, a subdomain name is often used as a development environment, such as dev.dangerhost.com. In addition, it is also used to host a separate part of your website, for example a helpdesk system.

Is it always possible to create a subdomain?

Yes, no problem at all. You can create an unlimited number of subdomains on all our packages at DangerHost. Via your DirectAdmin control panel under the heading Subdomain Management you can create as many subdomains as you like.

Creating a subdomain can be done instantly, realtime. However, due to the change in the DNS, it may take 2 to 4 hours before the subdomain actually works in your internet browser.

How do I create a subdomain name?

You log in to DirectAdmin which you will receive from us when you purchase your hosting package. Here you click on the heading "Subdomain management".

Here you can enter your desired subdomain at Add sub-domain. Then click on create after which your own personal subdomain is created. There will now also be a folder on the FTP, which has the name of your subdomain. Here you can upload your website files and they will be visible on the internet.

Subdomain management

Wondering how many subdomains we offer per web hosting package? Then take a look at the webhosting page!


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